What is Whiplash

What is Whiplash?

Before we study the causes and treatment of whiplash, we should know what is whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury caused to the neck arising out of sudden impact from behind, normally as a result of a road accident. The sudden impact jerks the neck and spine causing serious injury. The most common type of accidents is being hit from behind. This neck injury is the result of the sudden impact on the spine that leads to a joint dysfunction wherein a joint in the spinal cord ceases to be resilient and it loses the power of shock absorption. This leads to unbearable pain and restricted movement of the neck. A whiplash may also lead to disc herniation where small tears occur within the vertebral discs, and it causes the inner core of the disc to come in contact with a nerve root causing shooting pain down the arms.

Whiplash Claims

The UK is considered to be the capital of whiplash claims in Europe with over 1,300 daily claims being files to seek compensation. This has resulted in insurers coming together to put an end to such rising claims due to car accidents. Insurers are in the process of hiking up car insurance premiums. Criticism has been raised requesting arevamp to the system of claiming for whiplash compensation as the law prescribes the insurers to file evidence for refusal of settling such claims. According to survey, 76% of all body injury claims are victims of whiplash.

Whiplash Injury

A whiplash injury may also be the result of fall from a motorbike or a horse. The neck has to bear the maximum impact, which causes the spinal cord to bend in the shape of an “S”. This type of injury is common in sports persons, especially those playing rugby and participating in karate.

Whiplash Symptoms

Symptoms exhibited by the whiplash victim include stiffness in the neck resulting in restricted movement, unbearable pain in the neck and down the arms, and a strong headache. The injury gets aggravated as days pass by unless immediate remedies, as suggested by medical professionals, are adopted.

Whiplash Treatment

The treatment for a whiplash injury depends upon the nature of the injury and the location of the cervical distortion. Medicinal treatment associated with physiotherapy and exercises may result in providing some relief. Chiropractic therapy may also be effective.

While driving or travelling in a car or riding a motorcycle, it is always advisable to sit in an ergonomic position. This can help minimize or avoid the maximum impact falling on the neck and cervical cord in the event of a rear shunt. Minor whiplash injuries may take some weeks to recover, but in case of major accidents, there is always a slim chance of permanent disablement.

While whiplash injuries remain commonplace, there is a risk of dispute between the insurance companies and the victims relating to the exact cause of the neck injury and the whiplash compensation claimed.  For many, the compensation is not as important as regaining their health.

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Whiplash Symptoms

Whiplash Symptoms

Whiplash occurs when an injury is caused to the neck because of a sudden impact from behind due to car accident or for any other reason. The victim will experience some whiplash symptoms, which will signify that the neck damage is a whiplash injury. The symptoms of whiplash can be described as follows.

While a whiplash injury may be apparent at the time of the accident or after an hour or so, symptoms of whiplash may be felt even days after the accident. The person will suffer with be a stiff neck and a shooting pain through the shoulders and neck. Sometimes the pain may radiate through the arms to the fingers. This happens due to the herniation of one or multiple cervical discs pressurizing the nearby nerve roots. At times, the pain is severe, but it can occur in intervals throughout the day. Whiplash symptoms are associated with the pain in the neck and shoulders, which subsides for some time before again shooting up more severely.

Whiplash symptoms also include pain in the region of the lower neck. This is an unpleasant situation when there is agony and discomfort at a localized point of the neck. Neck pain will be associated with a swelling in the neck and tenderness in the back portion of the neck. There will be muscle spasms in the back or side of the neck, which causes severe discomfort. Stiffness of the neck is also associated with whiplash symptoms where the movement of the neck is restricted. One or more cervical disc tears the outer core to suppress the nerves, which causes the stiffness.

Whiplash injury is diagnosed by following certain other whiplash symptoms such as severe headache. The headache is aggravated by pain shooting from the neck to either the arms or shoulders. There will be short spells of dizziness along with a ringing sensation in the ears to confirm that the injury is a whiplash injury. Whiplash claims are filed citing these whiplash symptoms, which are subjected to be proved in a court for claiming whiplash compensation. The victim may also experience blurred vision, which is a cause due to nervous system around the neck being affected.

In addition to the general whiplash symptoms, other discomfiture may also be experienced. The victim may suffer memory loss associated with loss of concentration and a reduction in mental awareness. It is advisable to consult a doctor soon after suffering the injury as immediate whiplash treatment may prevent the chances of aggravation in the future. Modern day therapy includes physiotherapy, exercise, and chiropractic therapy, which has been found to be very effective.

Judging by the whiplash symptoms, whiplash claims are settled, and the amount of whiplash compensation is determined.  With adequate attention and care, it should be easy to recover from the injury.

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Whiplash Compensation

Whiplash Compensation

If you happen to suffer a whiplash injury due to a car accident, and your medical diagnosis proves that you are eligible to file for whiplash claims, then you will be able to get bonafide whiplash compensation. After suffering an accident, you should immediately consult the doctor, even if it is not that severe. To avoid further aggravation, you should go for whiplash treatment. This will not only help you to assess the extent of the damage, but also claim for whiplash compensation after receiving a detailed medical report. But the question remains as to how much compensation for whiplash you will be entitled to.

It is not necessary to show evidence of the whiplash symptoms to claim your whiplash compensation. If you feel discomfort around the back portion of your neck soon after the accident, then you have the option to stake your whiplash claim. On mere suspicion of a whiplash injury, you can get the help of an attorney to plead on your behalf for whiplash claims. The amount of whiplash compensationyou receive depends upon the severity of the injury. A whiplash injury may fall under any of three categories. The range of whiplash compensation varies for mild, moderate, and severe injuries.

Whiplash injuries range from least serious to the severest ones where surgery is needed. In some cases, the damage is irreparable and risks causing permanent disability. Whiplash victims are advised not to place a clean medical bill immediately after the accident for whiplash compensation.This will prevent the victim from claiming for further damage, which may arise in due course. Doctors and insurance companies alike intend to dismiss a whiplash injury unless it is a severe one. The reason for such an attitude was because they were skeptical about the claims being made. Sometimes, a reason to be dismissive is because they were not aware of the exact nature of injury or its consequences.

With an improvement in medical sciences and reformation in the legal structure, whiplash injury is now given much importance, and a whiplash injury victim is always entitled to claim for whiplash compensation. The amount of compensation will be decided by the judge depending upon the severity of the whiplash injury, and as a consequence, thelevel of suffering of the victim. If the claimant is observed to have lost the ability to work for a considerable amount of time, the whiplash compensation may be a high amount. There will be a thorough examination as to the extent of damage based on the whiplash symptoms being observed to arrive at a decision to award adequate compensation.

In order to increase the chances of being awarded adequate whiplash compensation, the victim must collect as much evidence as possible. This includes photographs of the accident spot, vehicle registration papers, insurance papers, thorough medical checkup reports, and written statementsfrom eyewitnesses. The insurance company should be notified immediately after the accident; thereafter, an attorney should be appointed to seekwhiplash compensation.Your attorney will work with you until an award for compensation is achieved for the victim.

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Whiplash Claims

Whiplash Claims

Whiplash injuries are constantly on the rise in the UK. About 76% of body injury cases arising out of car accidents are whiplash injuries. As such, whiplash claims are also on the rise and it has been a matter of discontent between insurance companies and whiplash victims as regards the proof of such an injury. Whiplash symptoms may be experienced immediately after a car accident, or it may arise after a few days. In both cases, the neck injury may lead to temporary discomfort, or it may be a cause of permanent disablement in very rare instances depending upon the impact of the accident and the extent of damage caused to the neck. Most of the whiplash claims are made due to injury to the neck.

Recovering from a whiplash injury may take even several years. It is due to this unpredictable nature of the recovery from whiplash injuries, that it is necessary to go for a legal advice, so as to decide on staking a whiplash injury claim. While undergoing whiplash treatment, you are required to obtain a complete medical diagnosis from the doctor stating the grievance of the injury and the likelihood of recovery. This independent diagnosis helps in staking a whiplash claim.

There are certain procedures to file whiplash claims, so as to be eligible to receive whiplash compensation. The first and foremost factor governing the entitlement to whiplash claims is the proof that the accident was not your fault. You have the option to make your whiplash claim online, or you may hire the services of a legal professional who will do the major portion of work for you. This work includes filling in the necessary forms and doing quite a lot of paper work. You can get in touch with experienced solicitors through helpline agencies, who will handle your whiplash injury claim efficiently.

The time for settling whiplash claims depends upon the nature of the injury sustained during the car accident, and also whether you have spent any money on your whiplash treatment. It is necessary to file whiplash claims with all the information and supporting papers included, which may be required by the insurance company. The submission of a claim with all required documents will enable you to get it settled quickly. Any dispute arising out of disbelief by the insurance company may end up in whiplash claims reaching court.

It is natural to expect a certain amount of compensation when claiming for whiplash, but the amount whiplash compensation depends on the gravity of the injury and the time expected for recovery. The whiplash compensation calculator may be used to find an estimate of the amount of compensation. You can get a complete idea about the amount of compensation you may expect based on any previous whiplash claims and settlements thereof.

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Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash Treatment

A whiplash injury is associated with severe impact on the back portion of the neck due to arear impact sustained during a car accident or due to fall from a considerable height. The symptoms may be evident right at the time of the incident, or the symptoms may develop two to three days later. A minor injury that has been overlooked at the beginning may result in severe aggravation in the future. It is advisable to undergo whiplash treatment immediately after the accident to avoid any further complications.

The best time to call the doctor is just after the whiplash injury. The doctor will diagnose whether the injury needs urgent attention or whether it is curable over time. It is not advisable to go for self treatment because this type of injury may have far reaching problems into the future. The doctor will advise on the type of whiplash treatment to be undergone. In emergency cases, the paramedic staff will immediately place a cervical collar around the neck, and the body will be strapped to a firm board to restrict movement of the body until the doctor attends the patient at hospital.

If the whiplash injury is not severe, you may go for whiplash treatment by yourself. The application of ice on the neck for 20 minutes each hour, for the next 24 hours will alleviate symptoms. Be careful not to apply ice directly on the skin, instead take a towel to wrap around the neck. Continue applying the ice until the pain stops. Other whiplash treatments include taking anti-inflammatory drugs, and in some instances, an injection will give relief from the pain.

If the damage to the neck is minor, you can take neck massage, but the person applying the massage must be professional and experienced. During a course of whiplash treatment, you should allow the neck to rest, so it has sufficient time to recover because you haverestricted its movement. Bed rest is advisable for a couple of days or more depending on the extent of damage suffered due to whiplash injury. The doctor will follow the whiplash symptoms, and then decide on the course of whiplash treatment.

Heat therapy is an effective way for whiplash treatment.It can quickly repair the damage of the fiber and muscles. Motion exercises are advised by the doctor, which can have a good healing effect. The exercise should start a minimum of 72 hours after the accident. This helps in restoring the flexibility of the muscles. Avoid excess strain to the neck for at least two weeks after the accident so that the nerves and the tendons recover early from the damage. During whiplash treatment, vigorous work should not be undertaken to avoid further damage to the neck. Chiropractic treatment is a very effective method of whiplash treatment. It is the treatment through manipulation of nerves, which results in early recovery. You need to have whiplash treatment for a detailed diagnosis, and a medical report is required for whiplash claims and for being entitled to whiplash compensation. In very few cases, the patient may need surgery if the damage is irreparable through medicinal and chiropractic treatment.

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Whiplash Injury

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injury is the injury caused to the neck as a result of sudden impact, which can result in dislocation of the cervical discs, and it causes immense pain in the neck, shoulders and arms. Most whiplash injuries are related to rear-end car collisions resulting in the driver or the passenger being severely affected as the rear impact forces the head forward quickly causing damage to the neck and the back portion of the body.

A whiplash injury will have some telling effects on the person who met with the accident. Whiplash symptoms such as a sore and stiff neck, severe pain in the upper portion of the neck, arms and shoulders, and swelling of the neck are associated with a whiplash injury. Some particular symptoms signify that the injury suffered is due to whiplash, and it is advisable to go for immediate whiplash treatment.

This neck injury is the result of the sudden impact on the spine leading to a joint dysfunction wherein a joint in the spinal cord ceases to be resilient, and it causes the lack of the power of shock absorption in the vertebrae. This leads to unbearable pain and restricted movement of the neck. A whiplash injury may also lead to disc herniation, caused when small tears occur between the vertebral discs leading to the inner core of the disc to come in contact with a nerve root causing shooting pains down the arms.

A whiplash injury may be mild or severe depending on the impact of the thrust absorbed during the accident. Sometimes, the injury may lead to strained and inflamed muscles from the skull right to the tail bone. There may also be a ligament strain and tear in the region of the lower neck and spine. Severe injuries sometimes lead to a fracture in the maxilla and the facial bone above the mouth. Walking may be a difficult proposition for some days or even weeks until effective treatment becomes successful. A whiplash injury may result in many sleepless nights and mood swings in conjunction with sore neck. Whether your whiplash injury is deemed to be minor or major in natureonly time will tell. This is because some wear and tear and disc herniation will be observed after a few days. So, it is advisable to immediately go for whiplash treatment. This will also help you later when you decide to file a whiplash claim after receiving the doctor’s report.

A whiplash injury may be sustained in other ways rather than by a road accident. It may be due to falling from a considerable height, for example, while horse riding. Games like rugby and football have the risks of such an injury. Whiplash injuries may also occur while riding on a go-kart or falling from a merry-go-round.

The law has created scope for seeking whiplash compensation due to whiplash injury effects arising in the long run. In certain cases of whiplash injury, the damage extends to permanent disablement. In which case, you are eligible for lifetime compensation. A high percentage of whiplash injury is recorded in the UK, and the numbers are on the rise due to car accidents. Sometimes, a whiplash claims dispute will end up in court.

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